Drupal模块:Term Fields

Drupal模块Term Fields可以给Term添加Fields,就像通过CCK给node添加fields一样,觉得这个模块比NAT更好,更高效。

Drupal模块Term Fields可以给Term添加Fields,就像通过CCK给node添加fields一样,觉得这个模块比NAT更好,更高效。

Term Fields应用场景:

  • You own a book review site where you use the Taxonomy module to classify book reviews by the book author. You’ve created a view that lists all book authors on the site, but instead of just listing the author’s name, you’d like to include some biographical information as well, such as the author’s date of birth.
  • You have a video game fansite where your classify news, reviews, and images with a vocabulary where all the terms are games. You want to create an index of all games on your site, but instead of just listing the name of the game, you want to list the game’s release date, publisher and platform.
  • You have a recipes site where recipes are nodes and are classified with a vocabulary where the terms are the chefs who created the recipes. Again, you want to list all the chefs with a view, but you also want to list their favorite recipe next to their name.

Term Fields下载地址:

  • http://drupal.org/project/term_fields

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