HTTP Tunnel

With this tool, we can now receive and send email through ThirdBird in Company, That’s Greate!!!!

HTTP-Tunnel acts as a socks server, allowing you to use your Internet applications safely despite restrictive firewalls and/or you not be monitored at work, school, goverment and gives you a extra layer of protection against hackers, spyware, ID theft’s with our encryption.

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CShell 简单语法


当你执行一个shell script时, 系统会检查script文件的第一行以确定如何执行 其中的命令:

  • 如果第一行以#!开始, 后面跟着一个程序名, 系统就会用那个程序来执行script中后面的命令.
  • 如果第一行以#开始, 系统会用Cshell执行script.等同于#!/bin/csh
  • 如果第一行不是以#开始, 系统就会用Bshell来执行script.等同于#!/bin/sh
1. [建议您使用明确的写法,即用#!/bin/csh(sh)]
2. 如果你想快速执行Cshell, 即不想读入Cshell的启动程序(.cshrc等), 
   #!/bin/csh -f script

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